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Seven perfect ways to prepare for Lasik eye Surgery

Your preparation before Lasik goes a long way. That is why you need to pay rapt attention to the eye doctor’s instructions. Please don’t look down on any instructions before Lasik eye surgery. Those instructions are essential, working together to achieve success in your surgery. Therefore, don’t join the league of people that believe only in the activities in the theatre room. Initially, the Lasik journey procedures begin from the day you consult a doctor. So, you must prepare yourself for everything that comes your way before and after Lasik.

However, this article aims at expressing the seven perfect ways to prepare for Laski surgery. What are the things you need to do before the procedure? Therefore, I urge you to pay attention to the details. But before we move further, I believe we are still in line if we briefly look into what Lasik entails.

What is Lasik Eye surgery?

What is Lasik Eye surgery?

The Laser is used to reshape or correct the corneal tissue underneath the flap. The flap will be lifted to ensure the corneal tissue underneath is corrected without any complications in this procedure. Do you know why this is done? This procedure is done to ensure the light focus better on the retina. So, if this process is handled carefully, the cornea flap can be fully restored to its normal state. One unique thing about this procedure is that it remains the best method of solving eye problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. However, one thing is crucial. If you don’t want to undergo this surgery again, make sure you’re connected with the right source. What do I mean by being connected with the right source? Ensure that your Lasik surgeon is competent and reliable.

Things to do before Lasik

Things to do before Lasik
  1. Take more water before Lasik: Taking more water before the procedure should not be something new to you. Almost every surgery requires the patient to take some water before entering the theatre room. So, the same thing applies to Lasik. Before the process, patients must take some water. So, if your surgeon tells you to take some water, please take it seriously and don’t joke with it. If one starts using head knowledge to think about the correlation between eye surgery and taking water, one might fall into error. With Lasik, you’re helping yourself if you increase your water intake before the surgery. What will taking more water do to you? Increasing your water intake before the surgery will keep you hydrated and promote the healing process after the surgery. One of the effects of Lasik is when one has a dry eye. So, talking more water is an easy way of keeping one’s eye lubricated. Please permit me to give you a pattern. If you’ve already scheduled your Lasik date, you can increase your water intake eight days before the surgery. Also, you can start taking at least five glass cups of water per day. Click here to get answers to questions that may cross your mind before Lasik surgery.
  1. Stop wearing contact lenses: There will be a time that your eye doctor will tell you to stop using contact lenses. Why do you need to stop wearing contact lenses? Contacts can alter or affect the shape of the cornea, which may impact the outcome of the procedure. So, it is essential to give your eyes a rest. Therefore, you’ll need to switch to glasses for a time before the surgery. But I can’t tell you when to stop wearing contacts. That should be an instruction from your eye doctor. There are some things your doctor needs to check before instructing you to stop wearing contact lenses. But I have heard about people whose doctor instructed them to stop wearing contacts two weeks before the Lasik. 
  1. Put on a comfortable dress: If you’re preparing to go for Lasik, it is expedient to plan a comfortable outfit before the big day! What you wear to the theatre room matters a lot. Remember, you’ll stay awake during the process, so putting on a comfortable dress is essential. Please make sure you put on a cloth you can easily take off after the procedure. Hence, you can put on something like leggings, a soft t-shirt, and a zipper hoodie. 
  2. Find someone who will take you home: You need to prepare yourself and look for someone who will take you home after Lasik. After this procedure, you can’t drive yourself home. So, you need to either hire someone to drive you home or look for a friend or a family member to take you home. During the procedure, you are awake, so you’ll have numbing eye drops in your eyes. If you are a little bit nervous about the procedure, you may be given medication to help you relax. So, the numbing eye drop will ensure that you don’t feel the pain during Lasik. So, the medication you give might still be in your system, and you won’t have the strength to drive yourself home. 
  3. Read through your paperwork: Before the procedure, some Lasik consent will be given to you. So, please take your time to read through carefully. Feel free to ask questions when necessary.
  4. Don’t put on makeup, perfumes, or lotions: I know makeup and lotions are common among ladies these days. But you need to prepare your mind to stay away from makeups, lotions, and perfumes before the procedure. Remember, the process is going to take place in your eyes. So, stay away from makeup. 
  5. Plan your summer adventures: After Lasik, you’ll need a day to rest before resuming your daily activities. So, you can start planning where to have an excellent time, even before the procedure. You can enjoy biking around. Also, you can plan to take a walk, visit the zoo and some other places.

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