Outstanding things you need to do before doing cataract surgery

You don’t just enter an eye clinic and tell a doctor you want to undergo cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is far more than one step of doing it without considering some things. As a matter of fact, it is not your duty to conclude on whether you’ll be doing cataract surgery or not. It should be the direction of medical personnel. I mean an eye specialist. 

Some people quickly judge that they need to undergo cataract surgery in Sydney once they notice a strange feeling in their eyes. Let me quickly chip in this not all eye problems are cataracts. I am only saying this to let you know that when you feel something strange in your eye, the first thing to think about is not cataract surgery.

There’s a woman in Sydney that has lost her sight because she failed in the aspect of doing the needful. All she did was look for an eye clinic; then, she told them that she wanted to do cataract surgery. Of course, I will agree with you if you are concluding in your mind as you are reading this that the eye clinic is not competent enough. Like, why will they conduct cataract surgery for someone they did not first diagnose?  Do you see that there are incompetent eye clinics out there? That’s just, by the way! These days it has become very important that you test yourself for COVID before going for Cataract surgery, you can do it yourself with rapid antigen test kits.

Based on some articles you’ve read, it will not be good enough for you to assume or decide that the symptoms you see show that there are cataracts in your eyes. Several individuals are even doing self-medications. 

However, this article aims at providing adequate information on things you need to do before going for cataract surgery. Of course, you should know that you might have been diagnosed with a cataract before you go for cataract surgery. Not by what you read or by what someone told you. But it should be by the direction of your eye doctor.  

If you want to have successful cataract surgery, there are some things that you must not overlook. Hence, here are some of the things you must consider or pay attention to before going for cataract surgery;

  1. Please pay attention to any changes in your eye health: Before the time of cataract surgery, it is expedient to pay attention to your eye health closely. Several changes or issues might occur, which you will need to inform your doctor. The more your doctor knows the situation, the more the chances of achieving success during and after the surgery. One of the things you might notice in your eye can be redness. Once you see that, please don’t hesitate to inform your doctor. You might be wondering if some changes can occur after you’ve been instructed to prepare yourself for the cataract surgery. Yes! In fact, many things can show forth. Don’t be scared. All you need to do is to inform your doctor. 
  2. Discuss your medications with your doctor: It is essential to take your doctor as your close friend this time. You must relate all things with them. Some complications like bleeding may occur before the surgery. Or some pains may occur before the surgery.  Please, don’t think twice before you contact your eye doctor. Inform the doctor about any medications you may be taking to treat other conditions or symptoms.

This is very important. Today, many have lost their sight because they did not carry their doctor along in this issue. It is dangerous to engage in self-medication. 

  1. Wear comfortable clothes and avoid cosmetics: Before going for cataract surgery, please wear warm and comfortable cloth. Do not apply extra makeup on your face, as this may cause some effects on the day of the surgery. Put on flat shoes and not high heels. Also, please avoid using fragrance or cologne, aftershave, spray-on deodorant or hairsprays in the surgical centre. These are the things you must avoid and be conscious of before cataract surgery. 
  1. Follow the doctor’s instructions on fasting: Before undergoing cataract surgery, the doctor will advise you to stay out of food on the day of the surgery. Abstinence from food and any alcoholic beverages has a unique way of contributing to the success of your surgery. As simple as this instruction is, I have seen people standing against it, and they will appear in front of the doctor as though they haven’t taken anything. Please don’t do that.

Ensure that you follow the doctor’s advice. Please don’t misquote me. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t eat for days before doing cataract surgery. All I am saying here is that, follow the doctor’s advice. 

  1. Prepare for your recovery: Before coming to the surgical centre in Sydney, you must know that it is expedient to go with a friend or one of your family members that will take you home. Although cataract surgery doesn’t take much time, there’s a high tendency to go back home the same day of the surgery. But for car owners, you will not be able to drive yourself home. As a matter of fact, some severe cataracts can take some days before the person will start seeing clearly. Before you can have access to some activities like driving, it will be after a couple of days. Therefore, I will urge you to pay attention to this point very well.
  2. Ask questions: I want to encourage you to ask questions before entering the surgical room. In fact, some surgeons will allow you to ask questions even in the surgical centre. If things seem to be unclear to you before the processor as the process is going on, do not hesitate to ask questions. Asking questions will help you.


I see you coming out strong to testify and say something good about your experience in the surgical centre. However, you must pay attention to the above-listed outstanding points. In this article, I explained some steps you need to take before doing cataract surgery. This write-up aims to assist those on the verge of undergoing cataract surgery. Stay strong! You will come out safe and sound with your vision fully restored!    

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