8 Things to Know Before Buying a CPAP Machine

When you have sleep apnea, your upper airway becomes obstructed while sleeping. This can result in exhaustion, heart troubles, high blood pressure, and other major health issues. The most popular therapy for sleep apnea is a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, which administers air pressure through a mask while you sleep. It allows your airways to remain open and your body to receive more oxygen, allowing it to function properly.

With so many options available, it might be difficult to select between the best cpap machines for sale. You can find the right one for you with the help these Air Liquid Healthcare guidelines.

Begin with an expert.

You may learn a lot about the “best” CPAP machines on your own, but only a professional and your doctor can truly determine what will work for you. You wouldn’t go to your eye doctor and say, I think I need a bifocal lens. The doctor will first need to examine your eyes to determine which type of lens is actually ideal for your case. The same may be said with a PAP machine. A CPAP machine is medical equipment, and thus, it should be recommended by a professional doctor, that is, a sleep specialist. Not just any doctor too!

Since a CPAP machine requires to be prescribed before use, your first visit or engagement with a pulmonologist or sleep specialist, who can evaluate your sleeping habit. The doctor will help you identify which CPAP machine is suited for you case, and give you recommended settings for use with the machine.

8 Things to Know Before Buying a CPAP Machine

Check the Required CPAP Machine Accessories

Not only do CPAP machines come with masks, tubing, and filters, but you may also acquire add-ons to make your machine more comfortable and simpler to operate.

Sometimes, people have issues with keeping the hose from being twisted up throughout the night, so they use a hose hanger attached to their headboard to help in keeping it out of the way.

There are some other CPAP machine accessories available on “Air Liquid Healthcare” online store that will enhance your experience with the machine. Pads, for example, can reduce the sensation of the straps, and heated hoses can moisten the air entering your nose. Not all accessories will work with all machines and masks, you have to be sure you know what works.

On the Air Liquid Healthcare website, there are many CPAP machines on sale, such as – ResMed AirSense 10 Elite 3G, ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet 3G, ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her 3G, Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle CPAP, Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto, ResMed AirSense 4G AutoSet, ResMed AirMini, BMC – G3 A20 Series Package, and others. You don’t have to be confused with all these CPAP machine names and other CPAP machine accessories you might need; Air Liquid Healthcare offers a smooth and fast consultation service to help you identify which CPAP machine is best for you.

“Fit” should be prioritised.

The CPAP machine is connected to your airways via your CPAP mask. CPAP masks come in a variety of sizes. The mask must fit properly for your machine to function properly. The fitness of the CPAP mask is a major factor that can determine both comfort and leakage while using the machine. You can just use any mask, but it must be one that fits you, in order for you to get maximum benefit from the machine for your sleep apnea. 

An overly large mask might seep over its edges and into your eyes. This might make it less comfortable, making you less likely to use it again. Air Liquid Healthcare can help you select the best CPAP mask for your CPAP machine best suited for you. You can always get in touch with us here on our website. 

Consider your comfort.

Size is merely one component of fit. You should also consider the sort of mask that will complement your face the best. Professional often check for some facial features to know what kind of CPAP mask and machine to prescribe, and that is where Air Liquid Healthcare comes in. we don’t just want to sell you a CPAP mask or machine, we want to make sure you have maximum enjoyment with its use. Before recommending a mask, we examine features such as – if you have bears, if you have a prominent chin? your nose structure, among other things. 

Another important consideration when selecting a mask is whether you breathe via your nose, your mouth, or both at night. If you solely breathe via their mouth, for example, a mask that does not cover the mouth will probably not be as effective. 

Consider the CPAP Machine Details and Convenience.

Some machines are more audible than others, while some are more mobile than others. If you are picking a CPAP machine, you might also want to consider your lifestyle. Are you a traveling type, if you are, what kind of machine will be easy for you to move with on the go? These are some of the things you consider while selecting your machine. 

Examine Your Insurance Coverage.

Most private health insurance coverage cover CPAP machines as well as some of the accessories such as masks, tubing, headgear, and filters. The extent of your coverage will be determined by your individual plan. If you have a high-deductible plan, you may have to pay a lot for your machine right immediately. In this situation, you may discover that paying for it without using your insurance – the ‘self-pay’ option – is less expensive. Check your insurance provider to learn about your options.

Look into Who Will Fix It.

Your machine may malfunction from time to time, so it’s a good idea to know where to go for help. If or when your machine fails, who will help you fix it? Some CPAP products manufacturers or sellers include warranty that gets this cover within a certain period, even outside the warranty period they can connect you to a technician or allow you to bring it to them for fixing for a certain fee. One of such company is Air Liquid Healthcare, we help you to get the help you might need with your CPAP machines and accessories. The ability to replace a CPAP machine or any of its accessories from the seller or communicate with a human person to troubleshoot any problem is critical. 

Patience Might Indeed be a Virtue. 

It’s not uncommon to try a few different masks before finding the one that works best for you. Even so, you should give each mask a chance before going on to the next. To some, it is not about the fit of the CPAP mask but the comfort they feel. Sometimes, using something for the first time might not come with a good feel but with time you will get well with it. Except the mask doesn’t fit in well with our face or has some other technical defaults or structural issues, you can give yourself some time to adapt to your new mask. 

Get a mask from a store like Air Liquid Healthcare, will give you an assurance to get one that will suit you comfortably, even when there is an issue, you get a quick fix to it. 

Using a CPAP for the first time is an entirely new experience in and of itself, so give yourself plenty of time to acclimate.

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